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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Christmas, New Year and A Florrie Update!

Hello everyone! I know that it is a bit late now but I hope that you all had a very Happy Christmas, New Year, and that you have all had a good start to 2017 so far!

We had a lovely one, but it did go oh so very quickly! Especially since as I mentioned in my last post I only had Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, so it meant that I had a lot to fit into the space of a few days!

Christmas Day was spent at my parents along with the hubby, my sister her boyfriend and our Nan. It was a lovely chilled out day as our Christmas's generally are which involved stocking opening, a lovely Christmas roast cooked by my mum which was followed by more present opening, watching the Queen's speech and chilling out for the evening to watch TV. Whereas Boxing Day was by comparison was pretty hectic as we spent it with the hubby's mum, step-dad, three brothers and their wives and partners, his sister and her fiance, two of his step-brothers, our three nephews and niece, his Nan and step-Nan plus Ralphy the dog in Croydon! Again it was a lovely day spent catching-up with family and his mum put on a lovely spread as always with soo much food! We did however have fun getting there and nearly didn't make it at all due to the way that Southern trains at the moment!

I have never liked the idea of driving to Croydon (even though I have had a license since I was 18) due to the all of the hustle and bustle and motorway driving, plus the hubby has only been driving for a year and isn't too keen either so as I say we normally take the train up there. On Boxing Day however we generally drive to my hubby's work and walk to the nearest station from there, as we often can't get trains there and back from our local station. So this year we did the same as we always do having checked that there were no rail strikes and that the trains were running. However on getting to the station after 20mins of lugging the Christmas presents to the station we found that trains were being cancelled all over the place and that it would be another good hour before we could get one there, and who knows if we would have been able to get back again! We were also running pretty late at this point as it was, since being that were both pretty knackered we ended up lying in and sorting out Florrie for longer than we probably should have done! So at this point the hubby was ready to go home and just chill, but it wasn't fair on him for us not to see his family over Christmas so I said that I would bite the bullet and drive there even though I really didn't want too! So after another 20min walk back to the car with all the presents and after an hour drive later, which went much smoother than I thought it would we arrived at his mums.

Below you can see a few pics from our Christmas.

The table all laid for Christmas dinner at my parents and their Christmas tree 

  My yummy Christmas dinner with a starter of smoked salmon and cream cheese on Bellini's, with a cucumber garnish and lemon for seasoning, a main of turkey with stuffing veggies, gravy and pigs in blankets, and a dessert of "Chocolate Bomb" with cream. 

The rather festive destruction that was left in my parents front room after we had opened all of our presents, Mum with her cuddly "Buster" from the John Lewis Christmas ad that I got her, and leftover turkey in sandwiches along with stuffing that was eaten along with my new favourite Christmas drink M&S Egg Nog Cream a few days after the festivities!

The bunnified clothes and goodies that I received for Christmas.

The day after Boxing Day the hubby went for Christmas celebrations around his Dad's and his partner, again along with all of his brothers and sister, nephews, niece, and their partners. Unfortunately I couldn't make due to work, but I did manage to catch-up with them after briefly!

Since then things have just been pretty hectic as I have been rushed off of my feet at work over the last week few weeks, and having worked all of last weekend too I have been pretty knackered. This meant that I seemed to brew brewing some sort of sore throat and coughing lurgy, which thankfully didn't really turn into anything in the end! It was due to be honest though as most other people at work have been ill recently, plus the hubby was struck down with something just before New Year too. Which usually tends to happen when he has a break from work.

We did however have a lovely New Year which, was spent with my best friend and her husband and another couple of friends who have all moved slightly out of town now. So with us all wanting to drink we decided to get a hotel room, start off at one of theirs and then make our way out to a black tie function that we had got tickets for at their local rock bar. We all had a fab time and it was nice to go somewhere different for a change as well as get all dressed up, especially since I have barely been out with my best friend since her wedding back in October!

On the Florrie front the little monkey continues to be a little pickle, and is still growing well! I weighed her on New Year's Day and she was weighing in at 1.3kg and again yesterday and she is now 1.4kg the little fatty! So I think that it is safe to say that she is going to be more Lionhead size than Netherland Dwarf, as she is now over the weight that a Netherland Dwarf should be. As I said in my last post she is long rather than chubby, but she is starting to fill out a little now. She is also less fluffy that she was having now shed her baby coat, meaning that her fur is now much shorter from her bum to her shoulders, where it then goes a bit longer and fluffier toward her head. She still has her fluffy tufts on her head although maybe not quite as much as before and she has now lost her fluffy bum! I'm not sure how much more she will shed her fur or grow, but I am hoping at now just over 4 and a half months that she is nearly fully grown otherwise she will outgrow her hutch!

Below you can see the size comparison of the first photo that I took of her when we got home, and one that I took a week or so ago!
The little madams nails are also getting pretty sharp but as of yet they are not long enough to cut so I have inevitably ended up with scratches mainly on my chest, where she likes to scrabble when I first get her out and get in her comfortable position of bum up towards my neck and her head down on my chest. On that point coming out is something that she is not to keen on at the moment as she is starting to get to know her own mind! She loves coming up to you for strokes whilst in the hutch and she loves being out and climbing on and being stroked by us when she is out, plus she's not too bad being held once she is out. But when it comes to getting her out she has taken more often than not to doing a reversing act when I go to get her out, which usually leads to her having to be coaxed out with a food stick once this starts.

She also enjoyed her first Christmas and opening the jingle ball that we got her along with the pet friendly Christmas cracker! I do have a video of it that I am trying to get onto my Bobby Bunny and Friends Instagram page along with her doing a little dance to the Christmas no.1, but as of yet I seem to be struggling to get them to upload! She has also continued her love affair with chewing as little bunnies generally do and has now taken to knocking over and chewing on her hay cart, so much so that I have now had to turn one of its wheels the other way where it has been chewed so much otherwise it wouldn't stand up!

On a related note we had slight bunny dramas the other day when it came to taking the decorations down on the twelfth night, as when I went to take down the Christmas jumper garland that I had hanging across the front room the drawing pin flew out and went straight into Florrie's hutch! Cue panic from me as I couldn't find the thing anywhere, which meant that she had to be fished out again after having just been out and the hubby and I had to set about dismantling the hutch and fully cleaning her out at gone 11:30pm just because we couldn't risk her coming to harm on it!

The little monkey is such a character and makes us laugh so much and we melt every time we look at her cute little face, even if she is being a pickle! I still can't believe how quickly she has grown and I don't really feel like I got that many pictures of her as a baby, but in reality I have loads! Below you can see just a small selection of the many pics that I have taken of her in order from when we got her seven weeks ago to now.

So that pretty much round ups up most things that I have been going on here on and since Christmas!

In terms of this week we had a bit of a snow storm that started here about 6pm on Thursday evening. It was pretty heavy at the time and settled even though it had been raining all day! I was just leaving work as it started and met my hubby on the way back. I love snow so was rather like an excited child, but by the time that we had made the 10-15min walk home we were drenched and I looked like a panda from where my mascara had run!

But by a few hour later it had stopped leaving us with a small covering of snow, but overnight it froze meaning that the roads and pavements were like an ice rink by the morning. Luckily I didn't have work the next day, but I took the hubby to work early meaning that it was pretty slippy out there until we got to the main roads. But then come the afternoon it was all gone as if it never happened!

Below you can see a few pics of the snow that we did get. Like I say it wasn't a lot, but enough to get me excited as it was our first snowfall in two years!

 The snow just after it started as I left work.
  The view from our window by the time we returned home.

If you had snow I hope that you all stayed safe and kept warm. I also hope that you are all having a good weekend too! Being that I worked all of last weekend off I have had this one off so it has been lovely to just chill with the hubby this weekend after a pretty hectic fer weeks! I was also fortunate enough to end up with Friday and Monday off too, so I have now ended up with a four day break and hope to get plenty done over the next few days!

Thanks as always for visiting! x 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Gatherings & A Florrie Update!

Wow I'm not quite sure where the past few weeks have gone since I last blogged, but it seems to have passed us by like a whirlwind and we now find ourselves at Christmas already!

I hope that you are all now well and truly in the Christmasy spirit and that you are all prepared for the festivities that are very nearly upon us! I am all sorted now having done my wrapping yesterday as I knew that I had a full days work today which I finished late this afternoon, so I am now in my Christmas jim jams and slippers ready to chillout for the evening.

Below you can see the before and after of my wrapping efforts which took me many hours yesterday evening! But having my first Christmas movies of the year "Santa Clause Movie" one and two playing in the background did help!

However I would really love to have a proper Christmas break like my hubby gets one day, as having worked in retail since I was 16 I haven't had one in years! I don't think that that it's going to happen anytime soon though! But could be worse as I do at least have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, and I very much looking forward to spending time with our families over Christmas, even though like I said it does seem to have crept up very suddenly!

I tend to find these days that I get into Christmas quite early on and then it all seems to tail off a bit and seems ages away, but then suddenly it seems to appear from nowhere! So until yesterday I hadn't had the chance to watch any Christmas films or anything, as we had been so busy throughout most of December!

Firstly we had our nephews birthday back in the first weekend of December where we joined a lot of my hubby's side of the family around his brothers house for a big celebratory gathering and meal, which was lovely if not a little hectic! This was then followed the day after by my work Christmas meal which was very scrummy, and also my first festive meal of the year!

You can see that yummy meal below!

The following weekend I had the birthday's of both my best friend and another two close friends, for which we met up around one of the girls houses where she cooked us a gorgeous meal before we spent the rest of the evening playing games and chatting until the early hours of the morning, which was lovely as we don't get much of a chance to all meet up like that regularly. Then on the day after this we then had our annual family meal with my dads side of the family, which again was lovely as it gave us all a chance to catch-up and get into the festive spirit.

By this point it was mid December and I would have liked to have had our tree up and decorated by this time so that we could have chance to properly enjoy it, but with us being so busy it sort of didn't end up happening. Instead I ended up going to buy a tree with the hubby one evening, which then proceeded to sit in our front room naked for a good week before I finally got a chance to decorate it!

Below you can see the results of when I finally got around to decorating both the tree, the room, and even our bunny and her hutch!

This weekend just gone was another busy one as being that I had a rare sat off of work I went up to see my Nan with my mum on what was a very foggy day! From ours to us getting over the South Downs there was very bad visibility, as you can see below!

However once we got the other side it was a lot clearer and by the time that we got to my Nan's the sun was even out! It's amazing how different the weather can be from one side of the downs to the other! Anyway once at my Nan's we all went into Chichester where we spent a lovely day browsing the shops and getting our last few prezzies, as well as having breakfast in our favorite cafe. By the end of the trip I think that we were all well and truly in the festive spirit which worked out well being that I has drinks with the work girls that night, which was then followed by our annual secret Santa meal around the hubby's sister the following day with all of his siblings.

So that pretty much brings you up to date with a rather hectic few weeks!

We have also had some lovely sunsets over the last few weeks even though the weather has been relatively unsettled with it not being able to decide whether it wants to rain, be mild, or freezing cold. But thankfully apart from some pretty blustery weather we didn't really get hit by storm Barbara that has swept across the north of the UK over the past few days! I hope that none of you got affected too badly by it either if you are in that part of the country!

Below you can see a lovely sunset that I captured a few weeks back both looking down our local high street and then overlooking the town from the top of the town car park.

On the Florrie front she had continued to settle in well and is such a little character! If any of you follow me on my Bobby Bunny and Friends Instagram you may have seen the video that I put up a couple of weeks back of her racing around the sofa!

She still continues to love the sofa now and has got even faster running up, down, and all around it. She has also grown so much in the month that we have had her that I have had to move her water bottle up three rungs! She can now also jump from the bottom of the sofa to the top without having to use us as a platform even though she still does! She loves to jump about more than sit still for cuddles, but she will still jump on us and say hello for a stroke, even though she is now too big to be able to nestle her bum in my neck anymore. She is also very well trained and very rarely pee's when she is out, instead starting to scratch at her cover on the sofa to let us know when she needs to go!

She also seems to love bells and music which tend to send her into a bit of a playful frenzy when out, but most of all she loves her food and chewing everything so I have to watch her carefully when she is out to make sure that she is not getting hold of anything that she shouldn't!

She likes to chew the wooden buttons on my cushions, the daydo rail, my pajamas and anything edible withing her hutch. She has chewed the tops off of her carrot toy meaning that she now struggles to pull the wooden carrots out of it, she has chewed her ladder, and has pretty much destroyed her sea grass hidey hole. However she prefers to lick rather than chew the sofa, my hubby's pajamas and her little fluffy outdoor bed that she sits in on the arm of our sofa.

Below you can see the trail of destruction that our little monkey has left so far!

She has now also been introduced to fresh greens on top of her hay and pellets which she loves, plus dried dandelion leaves which she loves so much that I had to wrestle the packet of from her the other day after she got hold of it. She also has a rabbit food stick which we feed to her sparingly. I say this, but we keep it onto top of the hutch or at least we did until she figured out that she was tall enough to reach the roof and try and eat it through the bars, to which she and proceeded knock it off the top of the hutch in the process where it smashed all over the floor. At this point I then got another out for her the following day and put the packet underneath the stick on top of the hutch, but the little monkey pulled the packet through the bars and chucked it down her ladder so that she could get to it. So at this point we decided that we could no longer keep the stick on top of the hutch and moved in out of her way. That was until I fed it to her the other day and decided that I would put it out of reach at the back of her hay rack on the outside of her hutch, which was fine until my hubby did the same thing and we then went for an evening out with friends. On our return I asked him where he had put the stick and he said back in the back of the hay rack but I couldn't see it. I then delved into the hay rack and realised that our clever little monkey had realised that it was there, and being that she couldn't reach it she proceeded to pull enough hay out of the rack that it then fell against the bars so that she could eat it or should I say devour it! The funniest thing is that she had been up at the bars when we got home acting half starved as she hadn't had her pellets so I had given her more food, which then got taken out as soon as I realised what she had done! Thankfully it didn't seem to upset her stomach, but needless to say she wasn't allowed anymore food stick for the rest of the week after that! So yes like I say she is definitely a little character!

Below you can see a photo that I took of her just as she realised that she could reach it!

Oh and she also sleeps in a number strange and comical positions too as you can see below!

My hubby thinks that she is crazy, and has spent quite a lot of time at home with her recently as he has had a lot of holiday from work that needed to be used up before the end of the year. Which has meant that he's had the time to go and buy her yet more toys! Proof that he is a big softie really and loves her as much as I do!

I also get up an hour early before work to let her out now which wears her out for most of the day, before then getting her out for another hour or so once I am home. We are also looking at getting her a run to attach to her hutch now that she is getting bigger too.

When I say that she has grown she really has and isn't really a baby anymore! I would say that size wise she is probably heading more towards the size of a Lionhead than a Netherland Dwarf, which I thought when we got her may be the case! However I didn't think that she would grow quite so quickly! I think because she was 12 weeks when we got her rather then the 9 that Mill and Moll were that she would grow just a bit more, but in the first week and a half she had a massive growth spurt going from 800gms to just under 1.1kg! I was a bit concerned at this point that I was over feeding her but it turned out that I wasn't and her weight has leveled now. But even though she had grown all over she is still quite a ling skinny bunny. Anyway as you can tell, now a month in we are very much smitten with her and I already have hundreds of photos and videos of her which I will share with you in my next post! But for now I will stop rabbiting on about her before I bore you all if I haven't already!
Anyway I hope that you all have the most amazing happy and healthy Christmas wherever you are and whatever you are doing! x       

Sunday, 4 December 2016

A New Bobby Sketch and A New Arrival!

Hi everyone! I hope that I find you all well and that you have had a good few weeks, and a good start to this weekend!

As I mentioned in my last post both my hubby and I had the week off of work last week which was lovely, so we spent most of the week just being lazy and chilling out after a busy year. The weather was also not amazing for most of the week so that didn't make us particularly pro-active either, but we did venture out here and there; going to see my sister-In-Law in her new home, to have lunch and do a spot of Christmas shopping with my Mother-In-Law, and driving to Kent for the first time to visit my brother-In-Law and our gorgeous niece in their beautiful new home. It also gave me some time to start working on a new Bobby Bunny Christmas design which you can see a sneaky peak of below.

As you can see it still needs the colour and detail added to it, but I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out so far. I was hoping to have it finished by the end of my week off, however I have been rather distracted by a new arrival that came into our lives last Saturday.

It all started on the Friday of my week off when I went to go and look around the garden centers at the Christmas decorations with my mum, as we do every year. Whilst there I went to look at the bunnies as we usually do, but this time was a little different as I fell head over heels in love with one particular little bunny. She was in a litter of four Netherland Dwarf females, but she stood out to me as she was the only white one, and the only one that clearly had some Lionhead in her. There were also two Lionhead males in the next enclosure, but as I say there was just something about her. I haven't felt that way since I got both Dusty and then Milly and Molly and I honestly didn't think that would feel this way again, or want put myself through the heartache of loosing another bunny. Plus after having had my Mill and Moll for so long I didn't want to feel that I was replacing them.

Another factor was also that we don't have a garden and I wasn't sure about how I felt about having a house bunny, plus after having had two bunnies I said that I would never get one on it's one again. However I am also a strong believer that pets choose their owners and that owners don't choose their pets and I just couldn't leave her, and hot quite emotional about the ideas of doing so!

So after chatting to my mum for a while and making her see that it would actually be possible for both the hubby and I to have a bunny, and after seeing a lovely double-decker indoor hutch that would be a perfect fit in our front room I set about phoning my hubby for approval.

In fairness we had talked in jest about the possibility of having a bunny, my hubby he had mentioned before I left about a bunny that he saw with us at the same garden center the year that he loved called Thumper. So it wasn't quite as rash as it sounds, even though I hadn't really planned it.

So after getting the hubby's approval I set about talking to one of the staff members about her, and they kindly said that we could reserve her so that we could sleep on it. I think that they probably though that I was crazy as I had to go back and check before we left that they had definitely reserved her, but I knew that we would definitely be back for her!

So bright an early the following morning my hubby and I went to the garden center to pick her up. Again I think they thought that I was crazy as we were there before they even opened, but I just wanted to make sure that she was still there and to get her settled into her new home!

It was also a freezing morning that day so we opened all of the windows before we left to get her, as even though she had been kept inside it wasn't heated, and I didn't want to shock her system too much with the temperature change. I have to say though that at this point I was glad that she was going to be a house bunny, as I couldn't have put a tiny bun like her straight out in the cold at this time of year!

On getting her home I opened her little cardboard box and let her take in her surroundings whilst I set about building her hutch as quickly as possible. My hubby went over her box at one point and she went and hid her head in the pile of hay from her enclosure at the shop as she was so scared.

Once the hutch was built I transferred her straight over to it and left her to settle in. I tried to make the adjustment as smooth as possible for her by using all of the same bedding, food, toys, and food bowl that she had at the garden center, and mixed in her actual bedding from the enclosure that was in her box. Understandably to start with though she was very scared at every little noise, and got quite spooked by someone walking outside in heels and the sound of the metal bars of the hutch. At this point she wouldn't even let me touch her and would just run away into the hidy hole that we got her. She also didn't like the sound of plates being taken out of the cupboard, but by the evening I tried to gently stroke her as I put her food bowl in to gain some trust and she let me!

Below you can see my little bunny on the evening of first day that we got her home!

After some brainstorming of names the night before we got her originally went with Tilly, but it still didn't feel quite right, so in the end we decided to name her Florrie.

By the following morning she let me stroke her again when I fed her, so after I decided to see if she would let me pick her up. I wasn't expecting much, but she let me without a struggle and we had our first cuddles as you can see below.


Since then she has come on leaps and bounds! She comes out every day and plays with us on the sofa at the moment, as I don't really want to put her on the floor until she has her vaccines. She likes to sit upright on me, and also likes to snuggle and nestle her bum into my neck whilst facing the tv. Her little personality also is coming out and she is starting to turn into a bit of a monkey, using me as a platform to jump onto the top of the sofa and run along it. Most noises don't phase her now either bar the the hoover, which I didn't try out until late this week. She has also finally figured out how to use the ladder in her hutch which took a good few days after she first trialed out her jumping skills by hopping onto her hay cart. So now she likes to have crazy moments where she runs like a looney all around the hutch. Plus she is a little gannet and I swear that she has already grown somewhat in the week since we got her!

Below you can see pics of her hutch, her chilling in her hidy-tube, and the fist time that she jumped up on her hay cart which was then quickly followed by her finally learning how to use the ladder in her hutch.    


Both my hubby and I are very much in love with her, and he has fallen for her much more that her thought he would. He talks to her and even refers to himself as her Daddy! Holding her was also the first time that he had ever held a bunny let alone a baby one! I love having her around, and didn't realize how much I have missed having a bunnies until I got her. It's all of the little things like, the funny thing that they do, the smell of their fur, and being able to shop in a pet shop again. So you can expect a lot more bunny spam and a lot more bunny related blogs!

I hope that you are all having a fab weekend and that you are all getting into the Christmasy spirit now that it is December! x

Monday, 21 November 2016

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations & A Week Off!

Hi everyone! I hope that you all had a good weekend and that you have had a good start to your week today! Also if any of you are based within the south of England like myself I hope that you haven't been too badly affected by storm Angus that has been raging since Saturday night! Thankfully we seem to have got off pretty lightly compared to some places! We were prepared for 80-90mph winds, but what we mainly seem to have had over the last 48 hours is very heavy rain and lots of it! So much so that it woke me last night and when I looked I found not only that it was chucking it, but that there was a very wet little fox sniffing around outside.

I used to hear and see them quite often before we moved, but this is the first time that I have seen one here. At one point he was right under our window, which is probably the closest that I have ever been to a wild fox, but unfortunately it was too dark to be able to get a photo of him plus he scuttled off pretty quickly after that. I did feel rather sorry for him though being soaked right through and generally looking a little lost! Hopefully he found somewhere to dry off in the end though!

Today the weather hasn't been any better and after a brief spell of dry weather this afternoon it is now chucking it down very heavily out there! This combined with the fact that there aren't many leaves left on the trees after this weekend I would say definitely signals that winter is on its way! In fairness though we have done pretty well lately having had a pretty dry summer and a very warm and dry Autumn, so it was going to happen at some point! With the weather the way it was yesterday though I definitely felt like going into hibernation mode, so I spent the day in my pj's chilling with my hubby as you can see below. 
Hopefully the weather will perk up a little though as I have the week off this week and for the first time this year I get to spend it with my hubby too, which is lovely as we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday so it will be nice to spend some time together especially since I didn't know that he was going to be off this week!

 For our anniversary itself I managed to get the day off of work so we decided to go to the cinema to see the new J.K Rowling film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which we both thoroughly enjoyed before going for a dinner date after. My hubby also bought me some lovely flowers and doughnuts (because married one apparently! His words not mine!) as you can see below.

Apart from that the last few weeks have been pretty quiet really with the exception of Bonfire weekend when we attended one of my hubby's brothers Housewarming/Bonfire party, which was lovely minus the fact that I don't really trust my hubby and his brothers when it comes to letting off fireworks! Thankfully they all went off ok, but I did nearly get hit by a rather large bit of firework casing even though I was staying well out of the way! 

The party was also fancy dress as my Brother and Sister-In-Laws parties tend to be, but this time it was randomly fruit themed! The hubby and i didn't really know what to go as so he just didn't dress up and I wore a jumper that I have with a strawberry on. There were some fab outfits though including a strawberry costume sported by my Sister-In-Law, a chilli costume sported by my Brother-In-Law, and a couple of their friends dressed up as blackberries and inventively had themselves covered in purple balloons attached by safety pins! There was also a guy dressed up as a banana, a woman in a 50's style dress with a cherry print, and randomly a guy who was dressed up in a hula girl outfit even though we were in the middle of a pretty cold snap at that point! Below you can see a pic of the cocktails in watermelons that were on offer that evening, accept I didn't get to drink any sadly as I was driving!
Have a good week everyone, and thanks for visiting! I am now off to cook dinner and work on a new Bobby Christmas design. x

Monday, 31 October 2016

A New Bobby Design & Firework Fun!

Today I am very pleased to announce that for the first time in two and a half years I finally have a new Bobby Bunny & Friends image to share with you all, which is now available to order as a greeting card from my Etsy shop!

I completed the design a few weeks ago during my holiday from work and the design features Bobby Bunny in Christening outfit which matches the Bella Bunny girl's version, the last design that I completed way back in April 2014.

Below you can see me working on ideas for the piece, the illustration in progress, the finished article and the image mocked .


It has been so good to get back into my creative stride now that most of the decorating is finally done and I have a little more time freed up, so I am hoping to start producing a lot more Bobby Bunny work in the near future!

In other Bobby news I also have a new Bobby Bunny Instagram account to share with you all, which I set up to mark my fourth blogging birthday that I mentioned a few posts back! So if you do Instagram feel free to follow #bobbybunnyandfriends.    

Aside from the goings on of Bobby Bunny I must wish those of you that celebrate it a very Happy Halloween! I have mentioned in my blog before that I never really used to celebrate Halloween or go trick or treating as I grew up as it wasn't such a big thing then, but ever since I turned 18 my best friend and I tend to go out for a night on the town all dressed up. It has almost become a bit of a tradition for us over the years and last year I even did a little Halloween party for us, but after having her wedding only a few weeks ago we are having a quiet on this year which feels a little odd! This is especially so as after Christmas, the weekends of Halloween and Bonfire Night have to be my most favourite of the year. So because of not going out to celebrate Halloween this year, I instead skipped straight to Bonfire Night this weekend just gone by going to see our local fireworks display with my hubby and parents.

Usually we go to the fireworks in the village where my parents live and then go back for our traditional hot dogs and tomato soup, but unfortunately the fireworks haven't taken place there over the last few years so we thought that we would try out our local ones instead. Plus repay my parents in the process for the years of hot dogs and tomato soup that they have provided us by having them back to ours after instead.

For those of you that aren't from the UK and are not familiar with it see my blog post last year for a bit of an explanation.

The fireworks themselves were held in the ground of our local cricket club and I have to say that we all really impressed with the display, all of which was timed to music. There was also a fun fair, so both myself and my parents seized the opportunity to go on the old fashioned carousel which we all enjoyed like we were little children!

Below you can see a selection of images that I took on the night:

Thankfully the good weather that we have been having this Autumn held out for the fireworks, it fact not only did it not rain but the ground was had enough that we didn't really need wellies either!

On another note, along with the weather I have to say that I have really been enjoying the colours that this warm bright Autumn has bought for us to far this year!

Below you can see a selection of images that I have taken on my walks home from work over the last few weeks, with the last of which showing the pretty clouds outside of our bedroom window this morning.

There have been many gorgeous sunsets on my walks home, including the one above which also shows the spire of the church where the hubby and I got married.

I hope that the weather is being kind to you too wherever you are, and that you have all had a good start to your week! Thank you for visiting as always, and also for all of your ongoing support. x